Additional services in fire safety

In addition to the Fire Safety Plan, our fire prevention consultants are also able to assist you in the following areas :

  • Fire prevention inspection of buildings and issuance of an annotated recommendation report according to the various regulations, legislations, or codes in force
  • Risk analysis specific to a particular fire hazard such as flammable or combustible liquid rooms, storage of flammable gases, welding and cutting processes, risky processes such as wood transformation, mills, pulp and paper sector, etc.
  • Inspection of fire protection systems to evaluate their functional efficiency
  • Advice on the selection and implementation of fire protection systems (fixed fire extinguishing system, sprinkler system, fire pump, etc.)
  • Evacuation plans (display) which are intended to inform occupants about the emergency exits and the location of the various fire protection equipment

Prudent Groupe Conseil can also train your employees, plan and organize evacuation drills. Consult  our training section to learn more.

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