Crisis management plan

The Crisis Management Plan is a high-level strategic response plan to control a sudden or foreseeable event that is not really in the domain of disaster response per se.

It is therefore important to prepare to face one of these potential crisis situations. The consultants at Prudent Consulting Group can help you plan these crisis management measures that will allow you to react adequately and, by the same token, limit the consequences of such an event for your employees and your corporate image. It will preserve your reputation.

The content of the crisis management plan is an indispensable tool for good governance. It mainly includes alert and mobilization modalities, roles and responsibilities, strategic action plans, internal and external communication strategies, and numerous resources.

A crisis management plan is more than a communications plan, it is a comprehensive plan that includes a set of complementary elements of which the communication aspect is an integral part. Preparing to face a crisis is an essential aspect for the survival of organizations wishing to ensure their growth and assume their legal and societal responsibilities.

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