Emergency measures plan

The Emergency Response Plan is the written result of an organization’s approach to planning and improving its preparedness to deal with a disaster. The emergency plan is not an end in itself and is only one step in the emergency planning process.

The emergency plan, produced by Prudent consultants, describes the strategic and operational management of a structured response to counter the effects of a disaster on the operation of an organization.

It is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and includes all aspects of an emergency situation such as:

  • Command system
  • Management and coordination centre
  • Operational, tactical and strategic management
  • Specific response plan (bomb threat, active shooter, earthquake, electrical failure, hazardous material, etc.)
  • Emergency measures plan
  • Civil security plan applied to the municipal domain
  • Civil security plan for the health mission
  • Evacuation and relocation Plan
  • Disaster Services plan
  • Etc.
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