Business continuity and recovery

What about your organization ?

Our professionals trained and certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute of Canada will be invaluable allies to assist you , in the event of a disaster, in planning the continuity and resumption of your company’s operations in the best possible timeframe.

Why plan the continuity or resumption of operations?

Planning the continuity or the resumption of operations allows you to:

  • Continue with or resume your operations during or after a disaster
  • Maintain your critical and essential services
  • Reassure your customers, suppliers, the business community, your shareholders, etc.
  • Stay in business and operating
  • Keep you market share
  • Survive in an increasingly competitive market

Business continuity or resumption of operations planning is not solely for private companies. It is also an indispensable measure for public and para-public organizations. Moreover, it is not only geared towards IT activities, but also the whole of essential functions and services of an organization.

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