REZILIO is an advanced digital solution that allows you to manage, in a single interface, all your plans, sites and events, organizations, departments and services.


  • Crisis and Contingency Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Business Continuity and Resumption Plan
  • Municipal and Government Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Environmental Emergency Plan
  • Transport emergency plan
  • Safety and Security Plan
  • Fire Safety PlanIn addition to managing multiple plans, Rezilio facilitates integrated risk management and risk management and prevention measures. It collates preparation activities as well as feedback from experience.


Thanks to its innovative configuration, aiming for cooperation and inter-operability between partners wishing to collaborate together before, during and after crises and disasters, Rezilio contributes, through its technology, to make stakeholders more resilient individually and collectively.
Thus, several organizations, whether public, private, etc., can, IF they wish, share either data or information in real time.


In order for an organization to have an overview, REZILIO collects information for all sites, making it easy to consult the relevant information, without forgetting the visual identification of each of them using an integrated geographical map.


Because we need to be prepared to deal with multiple crises and disasters, REZILIO enables simultaneous management of multiple events, no matter where they occur, providing a global view of the issues arising from it for the coordination and crisis management unit.

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